Season 3 Episode 3 with Gillian Iles

Gillian and Lauchie talking



Howdy Folks!


Sorry for the long delay between episodes! There’s totally a good reason for that but you don’t want to hear excuses. You want to hear a cool chat with Gillian Iles!

Gillian is a terrifically talented painter and painting instructor in the Illustration Program. She’s also and excellent listener and talker, which made her an absolute pleasure so sit down and talk with. Gillian had us at her amazing studio on Queen St W and we had a good darn time. Plus there was a dog present which is always a big deal for me.

Listen to the episode here!

Gillian has a website and has a show opening TOMORROW (what timing!) We would highly recommend going to see the show, as these paintings are:

  1. Great
  2. Huge
  3. Slightly unsettling (which is great!)


Thanks a billion to Gillian (whoa…) for having us over and being clever and entertaining and witty and thanks to Christina and thanks to you all for listening!

Season 3 Episode 3 with Gillian Iles

Season 3 Episode 2 w Patrick Kyle

Patrick and Lauchie standing 2

Oh Hello!

This episode had us visiting Patrick Kyle (and bothering his partner Ginette Lapalme – Sorry Ginette!) in their shared live/work space in Toronto’s Chinatown neighborhood.

If you’re unfamiliar with Patrick’s work… Well I don’t know what to tell you… Get familiar! Patrick publishes his comic collections with Koyama Press, does illustration work for smart publications, and teaches a Media Studio in the Illustration program at OCADU. We had a nice time talking all about those things and some more things.

Have a listen to it here

See Patrick’s work here

Check out Ginette’s work over here

Might as well go browse some excellent KP comics here

Thanks for listening!


Season 3 Episode 2 w Patrick Kyle

Season 3 Episode 1!!

Group pic with Lauchie 2

Hello All! Thanks for joining us again for Season 3 of the OCADU Illustration Podcast.

We are kicking this season off with a fun one. We visited the Career Launcher Studio at 401 Richmond to catch up with Kyle Stewart, Meg Dearlove, Keight Maclean, and Jean Demers and the end of their year-long tenure at the free-of-charge space that they were awarded for their excellent work at OCADU’s Grad Ex 101 in 2016.

We talked about the unique situation that the CEAD program has set up for our graduates and.. other things, too. Just listen and you’ll hear all about it.

You can listen by clicking here

Kyle’s work can be seen here, Meg’s is over here, Keight’s is all over here, and Jean’s is all up in here.

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Season 3 Episode 1!!

Episode 4 with Kathryn Adams

Lauchie and Kathryn 2

Hi Again! We are back with Episode 4 of the the 2nd season of our podcast.


For this episode, we had a delightful chat with Kathryn Adams. Kathryn is an amazing artist, illustrator, designer, calligrapher(!!) and Instructor at both Sheridan and OCADU where she teaches aspiring young illustrators how not to be taken advantage of in the wilds of the design world.


She’s also hilarious. Don’t take my word for it though!


Listen to the thing here


Kathryn’s work can be found riiiiight here


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Hope you enjoy!

Episode 4 with Kathryn Adams

Episode 3 with Terry Shoffner!


Howdy Folks! Sorry for the delay in this latest episode, but things always get a bit hectic around the New Year. We are back with a great interview for you!

Associate Professor Terry Shoffner has been teaching drawing and painting in Illustration at OCADU for more than 35 years, which has given him a unique and amazing insight into the way our community and industry has grown and shifted. He an immensely talented artist, who can do things with watercolors that are simply astonishing.

We joined Terry at his insanely affordable studio in a top secret location to talk all about stuff. So don’t read about it. Go listen to us talk about stuff!

Listen to the ‘sode here

Terry’s site is… here

Our facebook page is here


Thanks for listening!


Episode 2 with Fiona Smyth!

Lauchie and Fiona.jpg

Hello once again! We are back with a new episode, this time with Toronto legend Fiona Smyth. We had a super fun talk with Fiona at her soon-to-be-no-more Mirvish Village studio about a pretty broad array of topics, like kids’ books, punk rock, DIY, and even more things than that. There were men jack-hammering the street outside and she gave me the best oatmeal cookie I’ve ever had too!

Have listen, why don’t you?

Hear it here

Fiona’s work is here and blog is here

Fiona’s latest book with Cory Silverberg won a big important award!

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Episode 2 with Fiona Smyth!

Season 2!


Hello Again! We are back with our second season of the podcast. We’re very excited about our line up this year, so make sure to keep an eye out for new episodes!

We are kicking off this season really strong with Greg Mably. Greg is a super talented illustrator and designer with a ton of experience in client-based work, digital illustration, and having crazy guitar chops. He graciously invited us over to his home studio in Toronto’s Design District where we had a really interesting chat about… well lots of stuff, really. I guess it’s easier if you just listen to it!


You can do that here!

Greg’s work here!

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Thanks as always for tuning in and, as always, feel free to like and share this far and wide!

Season 2!

Episode 4/Season Finale

Jody and Lauchie

Hello people!


Sorry for the delay in posting this. The end of the school year always ends up being a huge time crunch for us teachers.

So this is it! For the final episode of our inaugural season! We went and did talking with Jody Hewgill, a hugely talented and prolific illustrator and one of our Thesis instructors at OCADU.

Jody works in a home studio in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood and let me tell you: it feels like a cool treehouse. Also she provided really good snacks and was a real pleasure to talk with.

Listen to it riiiiiiiight… here

As this is the end of the season/semester, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has listened and responded to this (several thousand of you!). I’d like to thank all of our amazing guests and I’d especially like to thank Christina Sealey, who has been the audio guru that makes the sounds go on the internet (I believe via magic or some such). This has been a completely volunteer situation for all involved and we really appreciate everyone being so generous with their time and their valuable input about all manner of things related to illustration and art.

We expect to return in the fall with all new interviews with various Illustration Program faculty and perhaps some alumni! Our goal has been to provide an illuminating and (vaguely) entertaining insight into the various experiences and points-of-view in our ever-varied professional milieu. Here’s hoping we did something like that.

Have a nice summer and draw lots of things!


P.S. The Grand Canyon is: Big!


Episode 4/Season Finale

Episode 3 is All Up in Here!

Chris and Lauchie

Hello People!

For Episode 3 of our little program, we ventured out to Shelbyville East York to visit Chris Kuzma at his home studio. We talked about the transition from student to Instructor, comics, kids… Well maybe just have a listen.

Chris is a super talented illustrator and comic artist whose collaborative enterprise Wowee Zonk is once again curating the TCAF Small Press Showcase and he was a real pleasure to talk with.

He also has a cute son called Roger that seems like a cool guy.

Episode here

Chris’ website and tumblr

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Episode 3 is All Up in Here!

Episode 2!

Videodrome copy

For our second outing we joined Shea Chang and Jon Todd in their amazingly relaxing studio, tucked away in a back yard coach house in Toronto’s Junction neighborhood.

While Jon and Shea have differing work styles and illustration goals, their mutual love of humor and wrestling makes their shared work space a huge asset to them both and a distinct pleasure to hang out in.

Listen to the episode here

Check out the animation Jon speaks about here

See Shea’s book here

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Thanks for listening!

Episode 2!